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What makes us different?

We were renovated and designed solely for use as a natural light photography studio. Every element was hand selected to make this the perfect space for you and your clients. From the white walls and light colored floors, large bright north facing window, spacious bathroom/changing room, and kitchenette filled with snacks and drinks, we want you and your clients to feel creative and comfortable here.

What we offer YOU

We offer a variety of different furniture options not only inside, but also in our outdoor shed. We invite you to change out furniture, and use anything you please for your photoshoot. We have everything from tiny little chairs and stools, to bigger chairs and stools, a rattan daybed, a couch, bowls, baskets, a variety of blankets and pillows, newborn props including a posey pillow, wraps headbands, and more. All this included in the price of your rental! Please help yourself, but treat everything as your own, and make sure they return to their original home.

Studio Rules

-Cancellation/Reschedule: All Clients will have one opportunity to reschedule at a later date, for no additional charge. We do not offer cancellations or refunds but you may reschedule up to 2 hours prior to your booking time. If your rental time is less then 2 hours prior to your booking, you must cancel or reschedule, your rental fee will be non transferable.

-Pet Policy: We love furry friends and understand they are a part of your family! Please email us if you or your clients are thinking of bringing a pet.

-Glitter/Confetti: We do not allow glitter or confetti of any kind.

Limit of Occupancy: We are a small studio and can comfortably fit up to 4-6 adults plus photographer.

Rental Time: Your time at the studio starts and ends promptly at the time you booked. Please be respectful of each other's time.

Props: You are welcome to bring your own furniture and/or props. You are also welcome to move furniture around but DO NOT DRAG the furniture across our tender floors. Please have someone help you to move heavy items and make sure to put the furniture back into the place where you found it before leaving.

Cleaning: Our floors are white and show dirt very easily. We have a variety of cleaning supplies including a small vacuum, broom and dust pan, dry swifter, and a spray mop. Please clean the floors after your sessions to maintain a clean space. A $50 cleaning fee may apply if the studio is left dirty.

Entry/Exit: Photographer will enter through the back door with the special code given the day before rental time. Clients can enter through the front door, unless strollers or wheelchairs are present in which they can also use the back door. Upon leaving, make sure front door is locked, the curtains are closed, there is nothing in front of any heaters (in winter time) and the back door is locked by pressing and holding # after exiting. Do not lock back door bottom handle.

Heaters: Make sure NOTHING is in front of or close to floor heaters. If you need to adjust heat, please make sure to return it to the temperature you found it at. (60 degrees)

Walls: No nails, pins, or anything that could damage the walls. If you need to adhere something, use command hooks, putty or tape we have provided in the drawer. If you damage the walls in any way, you are responsible for repairs.

Smoking/Drugs: No smoking or drugs of any kind.

Please let us know right away if the studio needs attention, repairs, maintenance, or has damage of any kind.

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